The JournoList is an annotated list of sites chosen to help reporters, writers and editors make good use of the Internet.

Journalists need the Internet

Whether you are covering a story, writing a feature, editing someone's copy or doing background research, the Internet can provide masses of detailed background. It will also help you find new ideas and new contacts, if you know where to look. But few journalists have been trained in how to work online. This site provides a quick guide to the basics.

The links on the left lead to pages about the different ways you can use the Internet in journalism. Each page contains links that I have found useful, as an experienced magazine and newspaper journalist. I am based in Britain, but not all the links are about the UK.

So what's new?

The What's new section is a growing list of new sites, resources I've just discovered and topical links. The page allows you to contribute your own comments and suggestions, and I'd be pleased to hear from you. The page is frequently updated: the headlines from the last five or so items appear on the left at the top of the contents panel at left.

All the What's New material from the last year is archived. Like everything else on the site it can be found through the search box in the top right of each page. Please note: this is a site search, not a web search. If you want that, go to a proper search engine: there's no shortage of those.

Here's some general advice on the Internet as a journalistic tool. Otherwise the questions below will help you work out where to go to get what you want from the Internet, quickly and reliably.

What are you trying to find?

If you have a specific subject area in mind, try the search box (above right) to see if JournoList has covered it. Otherwise:

Now get on with it. You're on a deadline, aren't you?